Laughing, Stockholm

To you, whom it may concern,

an uncommonly rubbish post I’m a afraid. I know you have come to expect a certain standard; alas, one cannot always have ones cat and stroke it. I am in Sweden, primarily because it was cheap, but also because I sensed a need to get my head out of those certain states of being that have been troubling me. Sweden seemed as good a place as any, I’ve never been and it is a curious thing. Of course, this is the first day and i have much to learn. Stockholm city is a veritable salad of aesthetic possibility, things, people poking out every which way.

Much of the underground smells piss, they’re not so very clean living after all. The elevators go sideways sometimes, even if you press up. Exhibit A: Upon dusting for vomit, I found a large deposit of it in an elevator, along with some discarded panties or something. This might very well have turned me on in some saddening way. but it didn’t.

Is this the tour guide you were expecting, cos i’m just picking out things i’ve noticed from the day’s whole pot-pourri. Vikings come from here, not seen any. Abba too, they’ve not done much in a while. Ingmar Bergman. pretentious art movies, you know the whole playing chess with death thing. You know it. they parodied it in bill and ted.

er…what else. TV isn’t that interesting here. I usually like to fick from channel to channel to just revel in not knowing what’s going on and not having to know. But here itäs all in english.not like in Hungary. in hungary they have a newsreder who stops to play the xylophone inbetween headlines. And france has crazy puppet shows. and circuses. they like their circuses.

er…just found the hostel and had an initial look around supermarkets and stuff in the imediate area. I was listening to someones conversation on the airport bus, apparantly Wisconsin has some nice cheeses, and when this woman was a kid she used to like these cakes that were like hot dogs but smaller.

Books i’ve seen people reading in feparture lounges, buses; (in order)

The Bible


“Abstract Sex”

John Grisham

There are a lot of trees in Sweden, and rocks. “I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay”; and if you say nothing else about it, you must admit its quite cute. they’ve got interiour design down to an art, whether its an art you like or not hardly matters.  graphic design as well, in this feild “the cute” is making some militant headway. even some official guys y’know they can’t resist putting a baby tortoise logo on them.

I shall be writing some poems about travelling. in fact i’ve already writted some but ironically enough, they’re at home.

From Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s:

My counterculture liked to “drop” and go to the airport and look at the pretty blue lights and feel the rush of the airplanes when they landed…once a friend and I sneaked on to a plane empty for cleaning and we ran amuck only to be politely but firmly escorted off…”

I’m not condoning you drop anything, least of all your sanity, besides I’m a strictly old skool opium den kinda guy. “make love to me, Watson”. However, yeah one can understand why those hippies did that. Airports, hallucigens, makes sense. with all that minimalism around. it’s like painting.

Anyway seeya. does anyone know what thankyou is in swedish? i wanna be a gentlemen.  

UPDATE: Thankyou in Swedish, rather wondefully is Tak please ignore the following comment-box ingnorance.


3 thoughts on “Laughing, Stockholm

  1. one thing about leaving home is hearing the call back.
    i”m calling you back.
    but first learn how to say thank you.
    the hare should always present a gentlemanly demeanor to the world.

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