The Hare – “On Interactivity” (or, “How to Earn your Servitude”)

Evening, my bright, young (?) candy-apples.

Just a few things to sweep your way regarding housekeeping issues. I want to draw further attention, away from the troublesome goat in the corner, to a feature of this site which is really quite something indeed, and that something, happily, is not a goat.

Warne’s Standard Extra-General Miscellanydefines a “web-log” as a highly interactive precision tool; a roundish instrument fashioned in gold, which large groups of people can simultaneously use to defeat any fast-approaching Irishmen.

The moral of the story is this:



Any style accepted, some more begrudgingly than others but, hey, you don’t know until you swing a cat.

This most blank of canvases should excite you. If not, you’re a corpse, and I don’t publish corpses,  nomatter how “At Risk of Exclusion” they are. Any subject, any tone, funny is good; we will give priority, without a pinchof shame, to anyone called Peter, or any writer/artist/musician/whatever who regards hares, rabbits, cats or owls (perhaps turtles, or other creatures) as one of their key Thematic Concerns. Any “Slave”…sorry…”contributor” will of course earn a guest writers credit, and the recognition you so desperately want yet don’t really need. Remember this, gold can turn to shit.

any medium, style, Hares or other creatures preffered…or any such lunacy. That is all, my dears.

 We reserve the right to giggle and point, or turn you out into the eternal winter of your disappointment. We are quite nice most of the time, though.  Everybody gets a pencil [note; this is a lie.]

Now, to redeem this post from the status of “filler” (there have been, i fear,  a few such posts lately)… let’s watch a movie. First a little fact; films are better than Opera, Chess, and Polo combined; if you take it upon yourself to do all that at once, you will just become confused.

This clip is a tribute to the film Princess Mononoke (1997, Dir. Hayao Miyazaki) which Peter re-edited and put music many ‘yons ago on crappy technology. Talk about killing a god.

Look! See!


4 thoughts on “The Hare – “On Interactivity” (or, “How to Earn your Servitude”)

  1. Hmmm…Gorillas…let me see…well i can see noting here that says gorillas aren’t welcome, so hello, enjoy your stay, there’s complimentary mints *here* if you want one. Plenty of bananas to – I’ve heard they’re good for energy but i’ve also heard they’re good for sleeping. How does that work?

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