Pusscat by Anna Akhmatova

Pusscat, watch out, an embroidered owl
Scowls from a pillow on the bed,
Grey Miss Pusscat, please don’t growl,
Granddad will hear what you just said.
Nanny, this candle isn’t lit,
Mice can nibble me if they try.
That dratted owl, I’m afraid of it,
Who embroidered him and why?

Source: Waters, Fiona (ed.) Poems from Many Cultures (London: Evans Brothers Limited, 2005) p. 88


4 thoughts on “Pusscat by Anna Akhmatova

  1. There’s some zen-like genius going on there for sure. Last two lines in particular.

    I suspect maybe it has gained something (indefinable weirdness) in the translation.

  2. peter the hare
    (first, thanks for your comment, and now i have one for you)

    here, in montreal, one sometimes see owls attached to the corners of roof-tops (to keep nasty squirrels away?) and my dog, (not a pussycat but rather daft, with a big happy heart) growls at them.


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