The Hare, Elsewhere

It seems as if the Hare has embraced the Internet with more gusto than I was first lead to believe. He knows very well how to coax information out of a mouse, and has made many friends on the “Information-Super-Road”. Off course, they are not really his friends. Silly Hare!

Some sightings of The Hare, Elsewhere:

An artist called Karen Croner has fashioned sculptures depicting the The Hare and his many victories in the battle of against the Tyrannical Rabbits and The Politically-Neutral Cayotes .

Fig. 1: Sow Re-inforcements

Fig. 2: The Hare Fearlessly Confronts a Cayote Infedel, and Wins.

 Fig. 3: “The Milky Bars are on me!” – The Hare fights them on the beaches.

Earth Art International offers the following wisdom. It is so generally reliable that it could have come from Warne’s Miscellany. These must be the words of  some kind of prophet – a sensitive tentacle, firmly atuned to the piano music of the Earth.

Whisper this in candlelight:

“Hare is crouching silently. If you want to avoid being seen, learn from Hare’s special strengths. Taking flight in the center is Raven, whisping by the tiny chipmunk. Fox is peering out of Hare’s thoughts keeping her always alert. The courageous and curious Raccoon invites a kiss from Butterfly. Also hidden in the deep woods is Green Wolf, transforming to sprouting foliage. Be like Hare, and enjoy the stillness in the greenery of nature as she awaits opportunity. Ladybug in flight brings happiness and good luck!”

There’s this picture, which probably says all that and more:

Also, you might like to know that The Hare is featured on the cover of “!%@:: A Directory of Electronic Mail Addressing & Networks”.

It has new lay-flat binding, which is sure to please even the fussiest of children. This website tells you all you need to know:

  • When chased, The Hare relies on speed and sudden changes in direction (called “jinking”) to elude pursuers.

  • Wide-set eyes give him visions.

  • The Hare occupies open country, and is mainly solitary except during breeding season.

  • His pre-mating antics include “bucking”. His mating antics include “fucking”.

  • The phrase “mad as a march hare” was invented by The Hare’s poet-in-residence, as an April Fool’s joke.

  • “Michael Kalantarian” is an awesome name.

Has your browser been hijacked by Hare-ware? Has a vision of The Hare appeared to you in an electric dream? Send us your sightings at peterandthehare[at]



2 thoughts on “The Hare, Elsewhere

  1. The hare in those pictures is clearly a petrified, stuffed, waxworked or somnambulistic creature whose presence on a background of white painted plaster suggests at best kidnapping and forced performance and at worst murder and corpse desecration. Additionally, the coyote looks bored.

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