Tasting Foreign Chocolate

Their characters are so bold,
the wrapper is bright red;
“Mr. Choco”

A poor man’s treat is sad and slim.

It doesn’t exactly beg to be opened,
it shouts
in a language I don’t understand.

My mother used to throw stuff like this
into the fire
saying it was dirty,
but the fire tasted sweet.


5 thoughts on “Tasting Foreign Chocolate

  1. Woaah! I once lived in Belgium and can honestly say their chocolate is some of the orgasmic cocoa flavours I have ever had the pleasure to taste. German Chocolate’s pretty rich and dark too.

    I think Chocolate should be as dark and strong as espresso. Together it’s a marriage made in Heaven.

    As for tossing great chocolate in the fire, the aroma ought to be bottled and sold.

  2. “I think Chocolate should be as dark and strong as espresso”

    couldn’t agree more. thanks for dropping by. stick around and your mind will feel and taste like freshly-molten chocolate. 🙂

  3. This is still one of my favourites out of all your work. It’s so taut and touches upon so much injustice and suffering with the barest whisper of allusion. And of course it manages to end on a positive note, which is masterful and kind.

    I suspect this is eminently publishable.

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