Flu Circles

The sailor peaks up from his submarine
feeling dismayed by the quality of air.

On the farmer’s wife’s nose
a moisture conspires.
The farmer’s dog lies
already sick with the flu.

The bug catches cold
as a girl catches insects.
The girl catches her death
late at night
on a boat.

In a dream
I was struck by
a bout of the sneezes.
In the morning I awoke
with a palm around my throat.


2 thoughts on “Flu Circles

  1. God, yeah – I know I should be in bed by now, but been up late working on stuff and demonstrating my apalling wake sleep cycles. Anyway, just about to turn in but wanted to say how much I liked this one too.

    Again, you’ve nailed the ending-such a strong image-‘with a palm around my throat’ – the strangling burn of the plague-I can almost see a ring a ring of roses. Great pacing and great mood-very dream like as you say-with the guy in the submarine and the farming and insects – it’s all so avant garde!

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