I really didn’t need that muffin, Peter.

Evening. The Hare and I are taking a rest between planes of existance. we’ve eaten all our marshmallow provisions and now we’re bored. The Hare says I need no introduction, and that I should introduce him instead. The Hare posseses a wit surpassing that of both Oscar Wilde and Stephen Fry. Although his humour doesn’t always work in translation. He sees the future, and says it’ll all work fine if we keep our “eyes” on the “prize”, as it were.

 There’s no real reason to spend your days with a not-rabbit, except to seem mysterious and folklore-ish. But he had nowhere to go, and someone of his intellect could not survive without a TV.

Watch “Meshes of The Afternoon”, available on the “Cinema 16: American Short Films” DVD, but not on youtube, for some reason.


8 thoughts on “I really didn’t need that muffin, Peter.

  1. Hello there,

    How exciting I tracked you back from technorati-thankyou for visiting my site. Love the idea of your hare.

    There’s no real reason to spend your days with a not-rabbit, except to seem mysterious and folklore-ish

    Indeed-but I’ve a feeling your association with each other will work out well.


  2. Bored? Bored? Well what do you expect after eating marshmallows. Really, the level of intelligence you and that hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobicly malliterate rodent display is quite saddening to me.

    Marshmallows are chemically so similar to brain tissue that eating one replaces said tissue with blank, thoughtless marshmallow flesh. This leads to a state known as boredom. Really, even a book as rampantly ineffactual as Warnes Miscellany covers this process. Mint humbugs are by far the superior items of confectionary, making ones thoughts fresh and stripy. I eat one on the hour, every hour, hence my magnifericent mental acuity, which has been compared to that of Stockwell and even the great Buddycock Cammilla.

  3. Marshmallow provisions and mint humbugs, hmmm…nice 🙂 Er, but I think “Endless” has had a tad too many of them there, apparently heavy-on-the-sweet, humbugs, lol But given that it’s a catalyst for that Cammilla likeness that I’m liking so much, munch on 😉

    I like the Hare thing too, Pet-uh 🙂

  4. Oh now marshmallows are one of my most favourite things ever and I can’t ever imagine being bored when they have been part of the evening’s entertainment. Your blog is amazing… big smiles from this side of the computer. Regards to Peter too.

  5. This is a beautiful little beginning and suggests to me all the possibilities of other epic friendships, like Calvin and Hobbes, Bouvard and Pecuchet, Deener and Geener Ween . . .

    Would you suggest I read the posts in order (they seem to progress thus) or do they also permit random readings?

  6. oh, we condone randomness. There is a “Random Hare Post” button at the side to assist you in doing just that, if that is the manner in which you choose to proceed.

    Hello and, above all, and last-but-not-least, welcome. My Dear Fellow Peter, Much Esteemed Around This General Location, take a seat and make yourself a home. Good to see ya, and do things as you will, I am certain you shall make the wisest of choices.

    The Other Peter, and His Hare.

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