Below, there are all manner of curiosities, paintings and sketches that you may or may not enjoy. I’ve put some of my doodles here, on the off-chance that they may peak someone or no one’s interest – images which, for me, have a potently nostalgic power.

peters-paintings-029bestoffull A selection of my paintings are available to buy as prints at my online gallery on Photobox. There are prints and gift items available to suit all.

If you would like, you can own them as compiled in my book, Peter And The Hare’s Fireside Companion.



new flower.

with the hare the buffalo and giraffe and remember we kissed at sunset.

the king.

red fish.

Leonard Disney.

purposeful days.


SKETCHES (click for more)

flowers 09/08

16-bit helium timeclock doodle.

anteckningsbok from sweden (by peter and his brother).

the detectivecbthe-mountainchurch-on-a-hilllandscapemilitarythe blue jacket wearers ask me a questionhotelfauxpasresize

The Detective

Blue Charlie Brown

The Mountain

Church on a Hill, Drawn Mostly With Eyes Closed

Landscape with Poo, Fruit, Trees and Waterfall

Spent Millitary Fashion Designs

The Blue Jacket-Wearers Ask Me a Question

Hotel Faux-Pas – Snacks, Food, Eat-Hole, Staircase!

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