This is a song that The Hare has composed in collaboration with Clint Mansell, in honour of Peters everywhere. If you are a Peter, feel free to add a verse in the comments field, and/or adopt it as your personal Anthem. 

(to be played on ukulele, drums and accordion)



like a brook or a river?

Born on a Tuesday,

To a mother -

never sweeter.

Some housekeeping matters to attend to -


Endlessly has posted his response to the Warne’s Miscellany entry on Cheesecake. Which is just as well because that particular page is missing from The Hare’s copy. Follow Endlessly, for Truth and Guidance.

I saw a book in a bookshop yesterday. It was The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I only flicked through the first three pages. I didn’t particularly take to what I skim-read, and didn’t purchase the book, but it seems like something The Hare might approve of.

The man in the photo is called Peter.

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